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Our renovation-finishing works stand out with precision, solidity, timeliness, and accordance with the art of construction. Each concept of using colors and materials is adjusted by us to your wishes, spatial conditions, and financial capabilities. Thanks to taking advantage of reliable materials and using state-of-the-art technologies we guarantee that the final effect will enchant you for many years.

Zakres remontowo-wykończeniowych usług:

  • painting and applying wallpaper
  • plaster finishing and skimming
  • arranging glaze, terracotta, and gres tiles
  • executing suspended ceilings, arcs, and multi-level ceilings
  • assembling partition walls
  • masonry
  • assembling structures from drywall
  • adapting attics
  • assembling widow frames, widow stills, and doors
  • plumbing and electricity
  • assembling parquet floors, floor and wall panels
  • sanitary fixtures
  • decks
  • molding
  • assembling LED lighting
  • all renovation-finishing works of apartments, houses, and commercial facilities
  • support in purchasing and selecting materials
  • preparing technical documentation


In order to meet the growing demand for unique interior furnishings, our company has opened an own carpentry workshop. In it, on special request artists and craftsmen create designer furniture. All carpentry designs stand out with unique aesthetics, solidity of workmanship, durability, and high quality materials.

We like challenges
We perform standard carpentry services and more. We are open to individual orders. If you have an idea for a unique structure, dream of utility items with an own design, or original decorations, visit us. We will gladly handle even complex challenges.

We act comprehensively.
Working with us you can count on specialist consulting at every stage of the project’s execution. In terms of our comprehensive service we provide taking measurements, transport, and assembly. We care so that the ready product is made to fit, perfectly shaped, and includes matching colors.

We make made-to-measure:

  • kitchen furniture
  • bathroom furniture
  • living room furniture
  • dining room furniture
  • garden furniture
  • constructions for recesses and skews
  • office and reception desk furniture
  • wardrobes and book shelves
  • beds
  • playgrounds
  • sheds
  • stairs
  • railings
  • doors
  • floors
  • windows
  • cabinets
  • custom orders

Apart from original designs for interior furnishings our offer includes also ready furniture imported from Indonesia and original recycled lamps.


In our carpentry workshop we create professional designs for floors, stairs, and railings. We also handle sanding, lacquering, varnishing, and oiling wooden surfaces.

Comfort and safety are most important.
We adjust the floors, stairs, and handrails to your individual needs, as well as the style and design of the interior. We manufacture each product from materials which are solid, durable, resistant to various damages, and environmentally friendly.

Up or down?
It’s not important whether you are going up or down. The most important thing is for you to go confidently and comfortably. When creating designs for stairs and railings we focus on the comfort of use, safety, and a unique style.

Get relaxed while walking across stylish floors.
Just think how nice it is to step barefoot o a warm and pleasant to the touch floor. Floors play one of the main roles in our interior designs. We skillfully adjust them to the style and size of the interior. When selecting floor boards or panels we take into consideration the quality of the material, its structure, color, and finishing. Floors in projects executed by us maintain their unique shine and timeless freshness for many years.

We provide measurements, transport, and professional assembly of:

  • classic parquets
  • natural and environmentally friendly floor and deck boards
  • skirtings differing in terms of shape


We adjust each pricing to an individual design. The following impact the price of the interior design and decoration:

  • type and size of the property
  • execution date
  • purpose, scope, and type of commissioned works
  • quality and consumption of materials
  • labor intensity and amount

Knowing these needs, we will go through this stage quickly, efficiently, and in a pleasant atmosphere.


You can no longer wait to see the final result of the interior design? You would like to see that the planned room arrangement, colors, furniture structure, adjusting lighting, and other elements constituting the furnishings of the renovated space look just as you’ve imagined it?

No problem… We will gladly take you on a tour across all nooks and crannies of the house, apartment, or commercial interior. And all of that thanks to the 3D model of the designed interior, created by our designers. A virtual tour of the three dimensional visualization will make you certain that the works are going to go according to plan.


Every person deserves to stay in a beautiful and functional interior. Time flows slower and calmer in well designed locations. Our goal is to create a special space which will be friendly, safe, and one which you will love. A space you will be willing to return to it.

Trust us and your dreams will become reality.
We focus on your wishes and expectations. We talk, listen, and observe because we want to be sure that the space created by us is precisely how you need it. We are unaware of limitations when it comes to designing and decorating interiors. We are not afraid of difficult challenges. We are flexible and adjust to your ideas.

We comprehensively work on designing:

  • individual interiors
  • apartments
  • houses
  • offices
  • other commercial facilities

How does working with us look like?

Stage 1
We start from meeting in a pleasant atmosphere. We learn your needs and expectations, and analyze them in a specific space. Basing on the collected information we determine the initial scope of works.

Stage 2
The designers carry out precise measurements of the interiors. After a precise verification they apply them to the prepared design.

Stage 3
Within three days we prepare a precise estimate which we send to you. At this stage we create an initial design concept, taking into consideration all of your ideas, colors, style, utility of the interiors and furnishings, as well as lighting functions, etc. We determine the date of works.

Stage 4
We sign a contract and a team of designers begins to intensely work on the project.

Stage 5
We present a design and 3D visualization. You have the possibility to see how the final effect of the designed interior will look like.

Stage 6
After finally accepting the design, colors, and materials our specialists begin their works.


We create projects which take into consideration your needs, as well as life and professional goals. We design unique interiors, taking into consideration your motivations, passions, and hobbies. We care so that each design is timeless and perfectly fitting the client’s individual needs. We wish to provide a space which expresses your personality and optimally supports you in every-day life.


We invite you to shop together, in a manner personalized to fit your needs and interests. We start the shopping by preparing, together with you, a list of utility and decorative items. The next step consists in applying them to the visualization.

Small items can be seen at our workshop. In order to present larger items we will take you to the home&living brand salons. There you will have the chance to sit in a comfortable chair, on a sofa, or assess the furnishings in terms of aesthetics, comfort, and functionality.




We like to positively surprise
Our team consists in specialists from various trades: artists, architects, designers, masons, roofers, painters, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. We possess rich professional experience which we constantly improve creating and executing interior design projects for clients from all over Europe. We are a well fitting team. We execute our work with passion and commitment. Our biggest reward for a finished project consists in the client's smile.

We improve the quality of life.
In order to execute your dreams of a beautiful, functional, and timeless interior an entire team of people, with various talents, is needed. Our company employs specialists who do their best in order to create an interior in which one wants to be, live work, relax. We design safe, comfortable, and beautiful interiors. We give you a space even more perfect than you could imagine.

You have an idea but don't know where to start?
All it takes is to come and meet us at our design office and tell us about your ideas. We are here to create a detailed plan consisting in meetings with suppliers and contractors, but also determining dates and schedule of works. At each stage of the project's execution we honestly inform you about our progress. We are a team of people who thanks to their professional approach to the executed works will take the stress related to renovating or decorating interiors off your back.




Isabel: +33 637 479 073